Hi, I'm Kacia!

Hi, I'm Kacia!

Girl, I am SO glad you are here! 

I wanted to say hi & introduce myself in case we haven’t officially met yet! 

I’m Kacia I'm a Hugger, an AWKWARDLY close talker and an extreme life enthusiast. 

My OBSESSION is with creating tools, cultivating community and empowering you with the perspective to build a life you REALLY freaking love. 

If we were sitting across from each other having coffee, I would ask you about all of the biggest dreams you have, and would want to help you come up with a game plan for the ways you get out of your own damn way to ruthlessly CHASE them down to build a life you REALLY freaking love. 

I would also want to help you find ways to fall in love with the PROCESS of getting toward your goals, rather than just what the process could PRODUCE because I think there really is magic in loving who you’re becoming along the way.

As an ex-corporate professional who started climbing the ladder, I can connect with you if you are in that stage of life checking off the boxes and feeling like life is pretty GOOD, but for SOME reason you feel this RUMBLE that you want MORE. 

I remember the question that popped into my head all the time..
“There has GOT to be more out there for me…but what the heck IS IT?”
Maybe you can connect with that feeling too? 

& honestly, besides back in elementary school when I used to sell huckleberry jam in my Limited Too swishy pants on the street corner…. ;)
I had no real PROOF that I could build a business, let alone in the online space I was SO unfamiliar with. 

But in 2014 when an unexpected opportunity in Network Marketing came my way, I ran with it. I fell in love with cultivating female communities and POURING belief into others, speaking on stages and mentoring thousands which had me pivot into creating a new company of my own called “SHE GOES”. 
Completely designed to empower you with tools & community to take purpose driven action to build a life you really freaking love.
Common theme right? 
I just want you to SHOW up and freaking LOVE your one shot here. 
Safe to say this journey has been full of lots of pivots, transitions and led me here…talking to you. 
Maybe we met through my Top Rated Business podcast “EmpowerHER” or somehow through social media, regardless, I am happy you are here. 

Cheers to joining forces and doing the DAMN thing! 
I can’t wait to get to know you! 

XO, Kac



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