Committing to Live Life On Purpose

In this episode:

  • Living life in a more purposeful way
  • Avoiding those “shoulda woulda couldas”
  • Scheduling your actual priorities first 
  • Calling your shot & really owning it

I’m so glad you are here today, because this episode is going to be so impactful & it’s a really important message I want to share that I truly hope you can help me spread. I’m coming at you recording this episode after losing a really incredible friend of mine, Brittany Crosby, to stage 3 ovarian cancer. This loss has been devastating and while I am glad that not only is she no longer in pain, I’m also so glad & inspired that while she was here she made it count, every single day. In all honesty, in her 30 years she lived more, loved more & just showed up more than most people do in an entire lifetime. The legacy that she left in me is one that will be ingrained in me always, and I wanted to share that with you which is to LIVE LIFE ON PURPOSE. It’s about doing things not just to get them done, but because the experience of doing it was the magic. I hope this message resonates with you & I really hope you will help me spread this episode with the people in your life so we can all honor Brittany by living our lives with purpose.  



“You don’t wanna go through your life with all these massive to-dos where your priorities become an afterthought.”

“Ask yourself, what actually matters to me and am I showing up for what matters to me most?”

“How often are we consuming content more than we’re showing up to life & what’s happening around us? Because when we look up from our damn phones, the people that are in front of us might not be there anymore.”

“The society that we live in is constantly telling us that we need to be on.. It’s so much chaos. But we need to be where we are, where our feet are.” 

“There’s never gonna be perfect, but there is always today. Right here, right now.”