Self-Love Real Talk: Showing Up as Your BEST Self

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2019

In this episode:

  • Choosing to take yourself off the backburner
  • Owning the fact that your life impacts others
  • Modeling what you want to see more in the world
  • Changing the BS stories you say about yourself

Yay! Girl I’m so excited you’re here today because we are talking about a topic that can sometimes be a little “fluffy” or light, but you probably know by now that’s not really my style. I really want to be like your saucy girlfriend with some real talk tangible things that you can actually implement, so we are talking about self-love but with a bit of a different take. And of course I’m going to give you some real tangible things you can do if you’re struggling with your own self-worth or even if someone you love is struggling with just really feeling like they love themselves. When someone asks you to list things you LOVE, it is SO important that you are listing yourself FIRST! So we are going to dive into this today & I really hope it’s impactful for you! Please don’t hesitate to shout out your takeaways on Instagram & share with your friends!



“If you decide that it’s your responsibility to model behavior that will influence her then it looks like you have to make yourself a priority… it matters that you show up because she is counting on you.”

“While none of us will ever be perfect, we can’t strive for perfection, we can all get better.”

“Whatever you look for, you will find. In a person and in yourself.”

“Girl we need you, not to be perfect, but to be you. And to commit to just being on this journey, which sometimes is a roller coaster, but we’re girlfriends. We’re in this together.”