Through the Lens of Future You, Today Matters!

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2020

In this episode:

  • Identifying measurable action steps you can take
  • Getting clear on how you want to show up as a human
  • Looking through the lense of your future self
  • Being grateful for past you & what she accomplished

Girl! I am so happy you are here today because we are talking about future you! Specifically, we are diving into three different views on a future version of yourself. First is the future you at the end of today, like when you put your head on your pillow. Then we are talking about future you in exactly one year from today. And finally, future you five years from now. Of course you know how I roll and I want to make sure I give you some real tangible stuff that you can implement in real time. If you’re in a stage of life where you’re in a transition or pivot of any kind, I just want to tell you that I get it & any weird thoughts that may be coming up, are totally normal! I’m going to walk you through where I am at personally & the changes/pivots I am navigating and why this topic is so important to me, and hopefully will be for you too! Can’t wait to hear what you think!



“The biggest difference between successful people crushing their goals & people that feel stuck is simply, successful people just get back up quicker.”

“What does future you, one year from today, need you to do today? What gift can you give her today?”

“The things that seem insignificant to do today, will serve her massively. So think about her, she is so damn grateful for you, please girl show up for her!”

“Failure is scary. Calling your shot is scary. But being in the exact same place as you are today, with shoulda woulda couldas wishing you would have showed up is so much scarier, isn't it?”