PEP TALK: To Help You Get Pumped After a Setback or Curveball

In this Episode:

  • Re-framing the “Life is happening TO ME mindset” 
  • Looking at Setbacks/Curveballs as an Opportunity 
  • Building confidence through resiliency 
  • Thinking of who will benefit as a Bi-Product of you doing that thing on your heart 

I’m SO excited that you are here for this PEP TALK EPISODE inspired by a woman who’s in my Collective Community and said to me…

“UGH KAC, I just KNOW I can be doing better in all aspects of my life and in my business but I feel like every time I start making progress, I keep getting set backs in weird ways and then Im douting myself… I just don’t know why this is happening TO me”.

I know we have have probably both had that feeling before, but also the FIRST thing I pointed out to her... 


That word is SO small but SO IMPORTANT. 

Because TRULY, you may have heard this before… but it's the most SIMPLE TWEAK IN YOUR MINDSET that can change the game on your WHOLE DAMN life, how you PERCEIVE yourself, your ABILITY, and the people in your life and WORLD AROUND YOU if you start to capture tiny little words like that! 

So today we are going to dive into this topic with a little more UMPH! Can't wait to hear what you think! 


"I believe to my CORE that HAPPY FULFILLED, Successful people doubt themselves all the time, &  they royally screw up on things and have major failures too…. the difference is…they just ask themselves better QUESTIONS”. 

“The difference between YOU and a woman you ADMIRE who is maybe CRUSHING GOALS and just freaking DOMINATING RIGHT NOW  is not how SMART she is  or how CAPABLE SHE IS…it’s just that she is not STAYING DOWN AS LONG. “ 

"What if you started to realized you are SUPPOSED to FAIL to LEARN an important lesson? What if all those experiences along the way we you are SO ANNOYED at the time are happening FOR YOU and are ACTUALLY supposed to prepare you so you can HANDLE what’s coming next?