3 Tips To Stop Letting Other Peoples Opinions Hold You Back

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2020

In this episode:

  • Focusing on controlling the controllables
  • Believing that your dream is in you for a reason
  • Understanding the concept of borrowing belief
  • Remembering that you get to pick your problems

Ow oww! Hey girl! I’m so excited you are here today because we are talking about navigating other peoples’ opinions, because so often THAT is the thing that holds us back from getting us where we want to go in our life, in our relationships & in our business! I don’t want you to feel stuck so I’m giving you some tactical tools that will help you take purpose driven action to build a life that you love even when other people might naysay or make comments about what you’re doing in your life. Personally, I do actually care what other people think about me, I just care what I think the most which has helped me navigate those comments that weren’t really the best ones that I wanted to hear & I’m excited to share these tips with YOU!!



“Do you actually want the life of the person naysaying you… I think it’s really powerful to just validate the source because I have yet to have someone naysaying me who’s living a life that I actually want to be living.” 

“Is this thought actually serving me to think all of these negative things about this other person… that’s not serving you. The byproduct of that is not going to make you happy & excited about your life.”

“This dream is in you for a reason & part of that reason is to show another woman out there what’s possible.”