[Pep Talk] Wait, What's the Alternative?

In this episode:

  • Learning to accept that it’s okay to have doubt
  • Embracing the pain of growing and evolving
  • Closing the doors that need to be closed by choice
  • Letting your experiences teach you & bring clarity

I’m so excited you are here today girl for this short pep talk because I know you are loving these short little episodes & will just love this topic! I’m picturing us just sitting in our sweats chatting on the couch with a glass of red wine & thinking maybe, you are in a season in your life right now where you’re not making progress as quickly as you want to. Or maybe, you have no clue how you’re going to get where you want to go or you find yourself questioning whether you can or are capable of achieving what you want. If so, I hear you. Sitting in that for a minute & feeling all the feels is not comfortable, but it’s necessary & trust me girl, you are not crazy & you are not alone. & today I just want to pose the question, what’s your alternative? Can’t wait to hear what you think girl.  



“You are not crazy for wanting more or wanting something different even if you’re grateful for your life right now.”

“Sometimes it actually feels like you’re breaking at first… But it just feels really hard sometimes. But it is a requirement, it is necessary, to get you where you wanna go.”

“We also have the choice of what we decide we’re gonna label as a ‘fail’ or as ‘failing.’ Cause why are we calling stumbling, or navigating curveballs… why are we calling that failing?” 

“What is a better teacher than experience? Action brings clarity & experience brings you so much tools to put in your toolbox because you are gonna have to navigate every stage that you’re in.”