Abbey Gibb: It's Time to "Break Up" to Break Through

In this episode:

  • Choosing to dance with the change-ups in life
  • Breaking up with yourself to break through
  • Being honest with what’s in your heart & not what’s weighing on it
  • Getting real about the diss-eases in your life & body

Girl I am SO excited you are here for today’s interview because on the show we have Abbey Gibb & you are going to LOVE this conversation. Abbey is an Emmy award winning journalist, a powerhouse speaker, a lyme disease warrior, and the founder of a media consulting company called Healing Media. She helps purpose driven entrepreneurs get visibility in the media, which is a world that she obviously knows really well after being pitched nearly 25 times a day for almost 10 years as a journalist. Abbey is also an experienced Tedx speaker with another talk coming up on March 6th! She is a kind badass who I am so lucky to call a friend and in this episode she has all kinds of powerful insights through her personal story that’s going to help you navigate twists and turns that you might be navigating. She’s also giving us some tangible things that you can use to break through barriers or mindset patterns that might be holding you back. I just know you are going to love her like I do & we can’t wait to hear what you think!  



  • Countdown by Beyonce



“Sometimes you can be addicted to the struggle, you can be addicted to the pain or because it’s familiar. Because it’s easier to stay miserable than uncertain.”

“There’s a kill-joy voice that happens, that we hear immediately. And whenever that voice starts to creep up, that kill-joy voice, you actually know that you’re on the right track.”

“You can lie to yourself but your body will never lie to you.”

“The bottom line is your gut tells you it’s time to go. But you don’t know what’s next & you don’t know how you’re gonna support yourself… new amazing energy cannot come in unless you make space.”