Is it time to LEVEL UP your ENVIRONMENT?

In this episode:

  • Getting super intentional about your environment

  • Paying attention to who you’re spending your time with

  • Breakdown of categories of friendships & how they serve you

  • Seeking friendships & people who help you level up

Today’s topic is SO powerful, I really think it’s going to resonate with you & I am so happy you are here!! We’re talking about the thermostat for your life, in particular to your friendships. Maybe you can relate to this stage of life like I am in where I am getting super intentional about my environment, both when it comes to my calendar but also my relationships & the people I am spending my time with and really understanding that other peoples’ energy & their current thermostat settings impacts me and how I show up. We know how a thermostat works, right? It’s job is to regulate the temperature back to whatever it is set to. So when cool air comes in, it cranks the heat & when hot air comes in, it will trigger the AC, all with the goal of regulating the temperature. The same concept can apply to our friendships & how they affect our own thermostat for our lives. Today, I want you to take inventory on those friendships in a few specific categories and make sure you are surrounded by those GROWTH friends who will help you level up! I can’t wait to hear what you think girl!



“If you’re spending a ton of time with people & absorbing their ideas or taking their advice, that aren’t at the same temperature as you, they’re not gonna help you grow or elevate at all.”

“I don’t think you listen to a podcast like this if you’re happy with staying the same, you’ve got a gut feeling that you want more, you want to elevate, you want to keep getting better, you’re on a personal growth journey right?”

“I have so many mentors & people that I look at from afar that don’t even actually know me, that help me level up my game.”

“You’re on a personal growth journey which means it’s not always gonna be rainbows & butterflies & happy little unicorns, staying comfy isn’t gonna get you where you want to go.”