[PEP TALK] 2 Ways to Find the Light & Stay the Course

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In this episode:

  • Getting your head in the game & staying consistent
  • Focusing on the process rather than the end game
  • Looking for ways to prove that life is rigged in your favor
  • Learning to savor the stage you’re in right now

I am SO excited you are here today for this short little pep talk episode because I want to talk to you about how to get consistent & fall in love with the process rather than what the process could produce, and I want to help you tweak your perspective. If right now your world feels super chaotic, or it feels heavy, or you feel overwhelmed, I want to help you get your head in the game & adjust your focus so you can play for the long haul. I’m breaking down two separate ways that have helped me to keep my head in the game & stay really freaking consistent. I really think you could get a lot of value from this perspective & a tiny little tweak that could help you savor this stage you’re in. I can’t wait to hear what you think, so buckle up girl, I hope you’re ready!



“There is so much data that supports the fact that all of these things we’re taught to strive for in society that are really status driven, don’t actually contribute that much to our happiness.” 

“It’s not really what’s happening, it’s about what you think about what’s happening that will determine your happiness, joy and fulfillment.” 

“Progress & growth truly do bring deep fulfillment, but if you’re beating yourself up along the way or you’re not celebrating the small wins or you’re not getting obsessed with the process & you’re so laser focused on what the process could produce, you’re missing out.”