Eliminate "CAN'T" & Start Taking ACTION

In this episode:

  • Eliminating those “can’t do that” thoughts
  • Getting crystal clear on the purpose behind something
  • Creating habits & accountability that keep you driven
  • Calling your shot, doing the work & taking action

Girl I am so happy you are here today because we’ve got a juicy little episode that I think you’re really gonna vibe with!! I don’t know if you actually listen to the intro of this podcast, but I mention this concept called Purpose Driven Action (to build lives we really freaking love of course) that is actually a CORE VALUE of mine & it’s what I use to set really big goals in my life & then help me actually achieve those goals. Today I really wanted to dive into this concept & why it matters to me, but also how it could really serve you in your life when you’re shooting for goals. So buckle up girl, we’re diving in & I can’t wait to hear what you think!



“Rather than thinking that woman is a unicorn & I could never do what she does… instead I ask, what skills does she have that I might need to acquire.”

“Whatever you need to stay accountable to show up for your habits is how you’re going to stay driven even when life throws curveballs.”

“Often action is not even massive, it’s these tiny little things that are so easy to do & so easy not to do, but girl you are going to call your shot & do it!”

“Nothing that’s handed to you on a silver platter feels as good as something you worked your freaking butt off for.”