Uncertainty is REAL & We've Gotta Learn to Dance with it

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In this episode:

  • Taking ownership & not blame things on external environment
  • Understanding the way that our brains are wired
  • Navigating the reality of uncertainty & reframing our thoughts
  • Using fear of unknown to drive you forward towards your goals

Hey girl! I’m always so pumped to connect with you on this super intimate platform & I’m so grateful that it just feels like we’re girlfriends chatting over coffee! Today I wanted to talk about something that I’ve gotten a lot of DMs about lately, which is feeling this feel that's like, ‘uh, I wanna do this thing, BUT I’m too scared that I’m gonna suck... BUT I’m nervous of what people are going to think of me… BUT I’m worried if it’s going to even work out.’ Those are such NORMAL feelings, but the irony is a lot of people look at those thoughts as reasons to never try in the first place or they choose to let fear override the fact that they've got a really powerful reason they want to do that thing. Uncertainty is a reality of life, and we’ve just got to learn to navigate it & even dance with it along the way! I can’t wait to hear what you think!



“To me, when you’re asking yourself those questions like, ‘what if I suck’... or if you’re worried about what if it doesn’t workout the way you planned & that you might fail… to me those questions, are an epic indicator that you actually care about the thing that you’re about to start.”

“If your brain doesn’t know what’s around the corner, or like what will come or what the outcome could be, it can’t keep you out of harm's way. Which is why uncertainty is so tough for us.”

“Why are you toe dipping, when you know that the juiciest experience comes from calling your freaking shot & going all in… it’s probably because of uncertainty.”