Angie Lee: "Ready" is a LIE; It's Time to Be BRAVE

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In this episode:

  • Pivots, transitions & resourcefulness in life or business
  • Getting clear on who you really want to reach
  • Doubling down by channeling your inner bravery
  • Keeping things simple & changing your perspective

Angie Lee is a serial entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, top podcaster, educator & a marketing maven. She took a little blog from her college dorm room & built it into an international brand that helps thousands of ambitious women. Angie built a top podcast with over 7 million downloads called The Angie Lee Show and her obsession is helping women create a life they love, starting where they are with what they have. I’m so excited to bring Angie back on the show, because not only is she my friend & a woman that I love so much, she is aslo an enneagram 7 and is obsessed with finding joy in the process by making life more FUN. Today we are deep diving on how to pivot, how to transition, how to figure out who the heck you’re actually talking to so that you can really resonate with them. This episode is sure to help you get a little bit of direction & kick ya in the butt to dance with fear and understand that you’ve gotta do it scared! Can’t wait to hear what you think & I’ll talk to you soon girl!   



“You could have all the skills, all the training, you could have a double masters in business, but if you’re afraid to start & you’re afraid to get messy & you’re afraid to jump, nothing is ever going to happen.”

“I’ve discovered everything that I’m good at or bad at through trying & through just showing up.”

“You have the opportunity to see this as fear or as faith, right?” 

“The secret is, starting before you’re ready... I don’t have all the answers, but what I do have is the courage to start before I’m ready & that’s what has taken me to really cool places.”