Simone McNish: Real Talk on Race & How to be a Better Ally

In this episode:

  • Uncovering unconscious bias & unpacking your privilege
  • Explaining performative action & how its not helping
  • Unlearning the things you’ve been taught that are harmful
  • Taking ownership of your own education & exposure

Hey girl, I am SO happy that you’re here for today’s episode. It’s a different style that we’ve never had before, but such an important topic. We have on Simone McNish, who is a wife, a mom, a super successful business coach, and she is with us today to talk about inclusion, white privilege & uncovering unconscious bias. This is a topic that I know is super important for all of us to get ourselves educated on, & full-transparency something I am learning in real time to get more comfortable talking about. I truly think you are going to LOVE her personality because she is really articulate & straightforward but she’s also really gracious, kind, funny, & understanding. This conversation is honest, raw, & really open so please tag both of us with your feedback. I think this is going to be just as eye-opening for you as it was for me. She let me ask questions that I was embarrassed to ask & I know this is going to be a beautiful conversation for you to listen in to.  



  • Formation by Beyonce



“What people don’t understand is that racism is systematic… what it means is that from birth, white people specifically have certain privileges that they are born with & the more that white people can accept this, the easier it becomes.”

“We’re in a time right now where black America needs us. We’re in a time right now where black people need our support really more than anything.”

“Listen to them. Listen to their experiences. Listen to what they have to say without getting defensive... without questioning.”

“Anti-racism is all about fighting racism, it’s dismantling the system, it’s helping other people who don’t look like you who are starting off at a lower playing field.”

“Messing up & listening, is so much better than not doing anything & being terrified of saying the wrong thing.”