[PEP TALK] A Reminder That You've Got This

In this episode:

  • Giving yourself some grace throughout turmoil
  • Taking radical responsibility in your life
  • Navigating the uncertainty of the world
  • Remembering that progress is always better than perfection

Girl, I am so happy you are here today. Because I wanted to do a short little episode that’s kind of like a hug, friend to friend. Truly this dance that we’re trying to learn how to navigate right now between giving yourself grace & also taking radical responsibility for how you want to show up in the world is so delicate. This dance is always required for growth in general, whether it's goal driven or more personal, but right now, I feel it more than ever. 2020 so far has brought some major issues in our world that we are navigating in real time, and although we all are affected differently, it is affecting everyone. We’re not wired in our brains to navigate this much uncertainty & I want to acknowledge that, but also remind you that girl, you’ve got this. We’re in this together, forever. Talk to you soon girl.



“I want to remind you that you’re capable. So much more capable than you give yourself credit for. And I know you care about getting better… & sometimes you can be your own worst critic.”

“You are absolutely guaranteed going to stumble, sometimes you’re going to fail. You’re gonna freakin faceplant & it’s gonna hurt. But you’re gonna get back up.”

“You are worthy. You’re worthy of a life that you’re obsessed with.”