How can I GROW through this?

In this episode:

  • Navigating an instant gratification driven society
  • Acknowledging that even the hard seasons have lessons
  • Taking inventory on how this stage is setting up future you
  • Realizing the process is necessary to appreciate what’s next

Hey girl, I’m really happy you are here today for this episode because I think it’s a topic that is really going to hit home with you. We’re talking about savoring not just the season of life you’re in, but how taking that extra step to intentionally take inventory on how this time in your life or this stage in your life - even if it’s not going according to plan, even if it’s not rainbows butterflies & happy little unicorns - is actually setting you up for massive success & deep fulfillment later because of what you’re learning now, IF you look for it. I just know this is going to hit home & be so impactful for you, so don’t hesitate to tag me on Instagram & let me know what you think!      



“I’m not the type of woman who wishes away stages in her life. I’m not the type of woman who wishes away even a day of her life. Because life is short & unexpected & throws curveballs, and I am deeply committed to not just making the days count, but definitely making the seasons count.”

“Truly I believe, to my core, if we want happiness & deep fulfillment & joy in our life, we just cannot keep wishing away stages, even the crappy parts of them, to get to the next stage because we miss out on the growth opportunity.”

“I bet, if you look for it, there was a powerful lesson that you literally would not have learned if you did not go through that thing.”