What if You Just Did it YOUR Way?

In this episode:

  • Drowning out the expectations of those outside of ourselves
  • Building the confidence to honor your own decisions
  • Getting really clear about what you actually want
  • Being comfortable with changing your mind on your life plan

I am so happy you are here today for this real talk convo about change & charting your own path, so I hope you’re ready for it! This topic was inspired by some messages that I got on Instagram after I posted about how a year ago, my fiance and I had booked our wedding venue and then cancelled it because we realized we didn’t really want that wedding. There were a lot of people who were confused & didn’t understand our path or decisions, but it was a decision WE had to make for OURSELVES. We’ve gotten really intentional about drowning out other people’s expectations & really understanding & honoring our own dreams by asking ourselves some important questions. I hope this hits home with you & can’t wait to hear what you think girl!   



“It’s important that we’re asking ourselves questions to make sure that we’re living a life that we actually want to be living.”

“If the choice that we’re making, or if the situation that we’re in doesn’t make sense in accordance with getting us closer to where we want to be, then we just have to change the gameplan.”

“If you don’t see the fact that your choices could be contributing to your problem, then you also don’t get to see your power that you could be part of your own solution.”

“Getting to the end of your life realizing that you didn’t even live the life that you wanted but instead lived somebody else’s life… that to me is so much scarier than starting scared.”