[PEP TALK] I know I can, I watched you.

In this episode:

  • Visualizing the future impact of the work you’re putting in now
  • Being an example of someone who showed up & worked hard
  • Becoming the type of woman you want to be looked up to
  • Using hypothetical conversations or situations to keep you on track

Hey girl, I am so excited you’re here for this short little pep talk episode because I think you’re really going to resonate with it & I’m going to share with you something that lights a fire under my booty for REAL. This really pulls at my heartstrings and helps me keep showing up even when I have those moments when I’m doubting myself or wanting to throw in the towel because it just feels hard when you’re chasing goals or a vision for your life. It might sound weird, but it’s this hypothetical conversation I have in my head with my future daughter. I think about it all the time, this conversation I am having with her telling her that she can do anything she sets her mind to, anything she wants in this world she can make happen because she’s capable & worthy. And what she says back to me, is what I replay in my head when I’m doubting myself: “I know I can mom, I watched you.” So dang simple, and so freaking powerful. That keeps me showing up & maybe it can help you too girl.



“I want to be an example to her of someone who showed up, someone who worked hard, who loved hard, someone who changed a crap ton of women’s lives because she chose to never throw in the towel even when it was hard.”

“True success comes from building a life that YOU want. That FEELS right to you.”

“You’ve got big dreams for your life & a vision for your future… deep down in your gut, you know you have massive potential.”