In this episode:

  • Unlived dreams & unlived potential are costs of comparison
  • The cost of time that comparison can steal from you
  • Constantly seeking self-awareness & personal growth
  • Celebrating & clapping for others who are winning

Girl, I am so excited you are here today because we’ve got a juicy topic that is so important because it’s something we will ALWAYS have to navigate in the world we live in. It’s comparison. Specifically, we are going to talk about the ways that using comparison in a negative way is costing us a whole LOT. And because I love giving you tangible action steps, we are going to talk about two ways that you can reframe comparison and learn how to navigate it in a way that is actually serving us so we can get from where we are now - in life, health, career, relationships, etc - to where we want to go & stop letting this comparison thing hold us back. So let’s do the dang thing girl! 



“We do care how we show up as humans… we understand that our life is a testimony of what’s possible for other people.”

“Not only does inaction create a crap ton of fear, but also these nasty stories that we create in our heads about why we think we can’t do something, why we think someone else is more qualified or even better than us. And that’s such a load of BS.”

“Getting to the end of your life with regret, & a heart full of shoulda woulda coulda’s because you let yourself compare somebody else’s carefully curated content on Instagram to your behind the scenes, is so much scarier. You’re not here for shoulda woulda coulda’s.”

“I believe that another woman out there who’s doing that thing that you feel called to do & she’s crushing it, is walking living breathing proof that it can be done. I just want to clap for her!”