Quick Tips to Boost Your Confidence

confidence Nov 07, 2019

In this episode:

  • Getting good at complimenting yourself
  • Making frequent confidence bucket deposits
  • Choosing things that challenge you
  • Consistently upgrading your thoughts

Hey girl! I am so pumped you are here today because this episode is so important. This topic was sparked by something that I find really interesting, but also really heartbreaking, which is that we as women find it so difficult to compliment ourselves. We can rattle off our flaws without a second thought, but too often when we are asked about our strengths & what we LOVE about ourselves, we struggle to point those out. Confidence is often portrayed as this thing someone is just born with, like a natural trait some people have, when in reality confidence is LEARNED. This is such an important topic and today I really wanted to dive into a few ways that have helped me personally to build self-confidence. I know you are going to love this one & hope you share it with someone who could get something out of it too!



“Confidence builds from honoring the promises that you make to yourself.”

“I think it’s really difficult to feel low confidence or just to feel low or sad if you’re helping someone else build their confidence or build their happiness.”

“If you are doing your best, that is always enough. And then, when you know better you do better… beating yourself up is not going to build confidence.”

“There is a future more confident version of you who is so damn proud of you right now for the work that you’re putting in to just keep getting better.”