Feeling DOUBT? Here's 5 Tips for When You're Holding Yourself Back

In this episode:

  • Separating feelings from facts
  • Why you should stop avoiding the hard stuff
  • Talking about the struggles you experience
  • Showing up more to life like yourself

Imposter syndrome. Maybe you’ve just heard the term, or you know all about it, maybe you have no clue what I’m talking about. Regardless, this is such an important topic and I am so grateful you are here today for it! I first want to breakdown what imposter syndrome actually is, how it might be holding you back & how you can identify what you’re own version of it might be. Then of course I am breaking down 5 tangible tips to navigate it if you’re feeling it yourself or if someone close to you is. Imposter syndrome is basically the experience of feeling like a phony or a fraud, it’s that whole “who does she think she is,” thought pattern but often we’re saying it in our own heads to ourselves. When you’re stuck in this imposter syndrome mindset, you forget to give yourself credit for the work you did to get here & why you are the reason you are successful. I really believe this is something we ALL struggle with in one way or another at some point in our lives & it manifests in totally different ways but it always holds us back. I can’t wait for you to dive into this episode & let me know what you think!



“It’s so hard to work on something that you haven’t identified as a problem or that you can’t see. So the first step has got to be catching the thoughts that we might be thinking.”

“Hey, I’m new so of course I’m gonna struggle a little bit. But I’ve navigated things in the past, I can do this.”

“Stop avoiding the things that are actually gonna move you forward, those tiny little things that are so easy to do but also so easy not to do, are crucial.”

“We have to have more open conversations in our society about feelings like this that are totally normal so that people don’t feel alone. We cannot have people feeling alone in our society.”