Let's Get Pumped About the PURSUIT of Our DREAMS

In this episode:

  • Enjoying the person you become in the pursuit
  • Finding your baseline pace that is actually sustainable
  • Developing your belief muscle that it will work out
  • Labeling the space between where you are & want to go

Hey girl, I am SO excited you are listening in today! As you know, I think of us like girlfriends and I like to think of us just sitting across from each other chatting & I really want to just have a real talk conversation with you about the journey towards your goals. I wrote a little mantra on a post-it note that says ‘good things take time, great things just take a little longer.” I needed that for myself, but I thought that you could connect with that too that when we’ve got these big dreams for our life it’s going to take us awhile to get there! We want to be the people that just buckle up & commit to making the journey toward getting there more fulfilling, fun & enjoying the person we’re becoming along the way, right? So today I want to give you a few real life tangible tips you can implement to help get more pumped about the PURSUIT of those dreams! Can’t wait to hear what you think girl!   



“Sometimes it’s not actually the work that you need to do to get you where you wanna go… it’s that you’re often your own worst critic... you will make it through. You will be so much more confident when you push through this.”

“It’s easier just to stay consistent with a certain pace, even if that’s a little bit slower, than to sprint & then stop because it takes so much more energy to get started again.”

“It won’t workout the way you had planned but it could, there is a potential that it could be even better… you’ve got to really believe that to be true.”

“We’ve gotta remind ourselves that the stories that we’re telling ourselves really freaking matter so they’re got to be stories that serve us.”