The Collective

The Collective

Created for women like YOU who want MORE.

Empowering you with TANGIBLE TOOLS & a virtual squad of like-minded women that GET YOU to HYPE you up. 

Cuz girlfriend, you DESERVE to build a life you REALLY freaking love.

Honestly... it can be SO overwhelming sometimes right? 

Living in a fast paced world where you are CONSTANTLY bombarded with "TO DO'S" and OTHER people's expectations while you are ALSO trying to juggle being PRESENT in your relationships,  showing up to advance in your career, somehow get a workout in, call your bestie back and focus on your PERSONAL GROWTH as a human. 

It's a LOT.
TOO much sometimes. 
& what I noticed for myself during seasons of CRAZINESS?
What often gets put on the back burner? 
YOUR personal GROWTH. YOUR dreams.
Those goals you have on YOUR heart that were GIFTED to you. 
Because you are busy saying YES to everyone else. 

But it's time to get out of your own damn way to DO those THINGS because truly, you DESERVE it and all the people who are going to BENEFIT as a bi-product of you becoming a happier more FULFILLED version of you deserve it too. 

So I want to help make it SIMPLER.

I'm obsessed with CONDENSING  content and principles that will help you GROW and then delivering it to you in a style like we're girlfriends having coffee.

Basically I want to be your saucy real talk virtual bestie, teach you everything I learn from HOURS or research in minutes & then connect you to a bunch of other women across the globe who get you too so we can all support each other. 

Because personal growth is not always rainbows, butterflies & happy little unicorns. 

But it's BETTER when we're together. 

This is for you if you are into:

This is for you if you are into:

This is for you if you are into:
  • Joining forces in an online community with women all across the globe who are also into personal growth in our exclusive Facebook community.
  • Deep diving into a particular topic each month with content provided via fun video series, worksheets, & other resources to support your learning throughout the month.
  • A user friendly portal that makes LEARNING & growing a little less overwhelming or time consuming cause GIRL I know you are busy!
  • & being part of monthly Live Call for the Collective group hosted by Kacia with open Q&A and an opportunity to connect with other women. 
  • PLUS.... some BONUS juicy stuff each month & always be the first to know about anything NEW coming!



Kacia will host one LIVE webinar each month (also recorded) to do Q&A, cultivate community & dive even deeper into the monthly themed topics!


Each month you will get three 15-20 minute videos paired with worksheets and tangible tips & tools to start taking purpose driven action!


Being a member of The Collective will give you an interactive deep dive on podcast topics with an online community group through Facebook & personal contact with Kacia.

You want in on this girl?

Only $10 per month!


Who is The Collective for?

The Collective is designed for you, if you are a BUSY twenty to thirty something woman who is interested in PERSONAL growth & being connected to me and a BADASS group of women in an online community. 

You want to learn and evolve as a HUMAN but sometimes you feel STUCK because you are JUGGLING a lot whether that's social or family life, a demanding career or building a business. 

Oh & you're fun with a big heart even if you doubt yourself sometimes.

If you are chugging haterade you won't vibe with this go-getter, supportive & INCLUSIVE community we're creating.

What is the COST to be a Collective member?


For real.

The Collective is a MONTHLY membership ($10 USD) although available GLOBALLY. 

With your $10 Membership will have access to the ENTIRE months video content, worksheets & live call information (as well as recordings of live call) regardless of what day of the month you enroll.

What kind of content can I expect to get?

If you are familiar with the style of the EmpowerHER podcast content (like a girlfriend chatting with you over coffee giving you TANGIBLE advice) this will be your jam because it's like that but a DEEPER DIVE. 

EACH MONTH will have a THEME:

Example: Building HABITS that SERVE you & your GOALS. 

With 3 specific videos for that theme that are 15-20 minutes (since you are BUSY) but provide TANGIBLE takeaways you can IMMEDIATELY implement. 

& ONE LIVE group call which will also be recorded if you can't make it live.

*Q&A w/Kacia will be available during the monthly call & within the online community!

How many members will there be in The Collective?

The Collective has NO MAXIMUM allotted member count at this point. 

& every MONTH it will continue GROWING. 

The idea is for this to be a GLOBAL MOVEMENT with women all across the WORLD connecting through the common interests of PERSONAL GROWTH & COMMUNITY.

Can I cancel my membership?

Of course! There is no contract you're locked into, you can cancel at any time!


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